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rose colored glasses conversations about women and alcohol

Rosé-Colored Glasses

Podcast hosts will discuss how alcohol use and the risk for alcohol-related problems change over women’s lifespan from adolescence to college-age, early careers, pregnancy, parenting, empty-nest, retirement and aging. The podcast episodes will feature conversations with the hosts and guest speakers on topics such as:

  • Women, Alcohol and Health Disparities
  • Social and Cultural Contexts of Alcohol Use
  • Media Messages about Women and Alcohol Use
  • Women’s Alcohol Use during the Pandemic
  • Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and more

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Episode 7: Twilight and Tequila

In episode 7, Christina and Maridee discuss alcohol use in older adulthood.

Episode 6: A Sandwich Generation with a Vodka Chaser

In episode 6, Christina and Maridee discuss alcohol use in adulthood.

Episode 5: Marriage, Motherhood and Moscato

In episode 5, Christina and Maridee welcome guest Dr. Mari Shadley to discuss alcohol use in early adulthood.

Episode 4: Study Hall, Pool Hall, and Alcohol

In episode 4, Christina and Maridee explore alcohol use during the college years.

Episode 3: Peers, Parents, and a Pandemic

In episode 3, Christina and Maridee discuss alcohol use and the teen years.

Episode 2: Kids and Cocktails

In episode 2, Christina and Maridee discuss alcohol use in early adolescence.

Episode 1: Women & Alcohol- The culture of drinking in the US

In episode 1, Christina and Maridee kick off the podcast and begin to explore drinking culture in the US.

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