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Episode 15: Motivational Interviewing in Groups with Dr. Karen Ingersoll

In episode 15, Paul and Amy welcome guest and author of Motivational Interviewing in Groups, Dr. Karen Ingersoll.

This episode features the song “My Tribe” by Ketsa, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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Episode 19: Reflections- Simple vs. Complex

In episode 19, Amy and Paul welcome two guests to discuss simple and complex reflections.

Episode 18: Changes in the new edition of Motivational Interviewing

In episode 18, Paul and Amy discuss changes to the upcoming edition of Motivational Interviewing with MI practitioner, Helen Kaplan.

Episode 17: An MI Consistent Approach in Supervision

In episode 17, Paul and Amy discuss the use of MI within clinical supervision in the human services field.

Episode 16: Institutional and Programmatic Expectations

In episode 16, Paul and Amy discuss an MI consistent approach regarding institutional and programmatic expectations.

Episode 14: MI and Clients Mandated to Services

In episode 14, Paul and Amy welcome guest and fellow MINT-y Billie Jo Smith to discuss practicing MI with those who are mandated to services.

Episode 13: An MI Consistent Approach vs. MI Practice

In episode 13, Amy and Paul discuss the difference between an MI consistent approach and MI practice.

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