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Episode 20: Teaching MI

In episode 20, Amy and Paul welcome a guest to discuss teaching motivational interviewing

This episode features the song “My Tribe” by Ketsa, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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Episode 24: Focusing

In episode 24, Amy and Paul welcome a guest to discuss focusing.

Episode 23: Affirmations – Simple vs Complex

In episode 23, Paul and Amy welcome a guest to discuss simple versus complex affirmations.

Episode 22: Task Three-Evoking

In episode 22, Paul and Amy welcome a guest to discuss evoking.

Episode 21: Listening to Understand Before Planning

In episode 21, Paul and Amy welcome guest Dr. Kate Speck to discuss listening to understand before planning

Episode 19: Reflections- Simple vs. Complex

In episode 19, Amy and Paul welcome two guests to discuss simple and complex reflections.

Episode 18: Changes in the new edition of Motivational Interviewing

In episode 18, Paul and Amy discuss changes to the upcoming edition of Motivational Interviewing with MI practitioner, Helen Kaplan.

Episode 17: An MI Consistent Approach in Supervision

In episode 17, Paul and Amy discuss the use of MI within clinical supervision in the human services field.

Episode 16: Institutional and Programmatic Expectations

In episode 16, Paul and Amy discuss an MI consistent approach regarding institutional and programmatic expectations.

Episode 15: Motivational Interviewing in Groups with Dr. Karen Ingersoll

In episode 15, Paul and Amy welcome guest and author of Motivational Interviewing in Groups, Dr. Karen Ingersoll.

Episode 14: MI and Clients Mandated to Services

In episode 14, Paul and Amy welcome guest and fellow MINT-y Billie Jo Smith to discuss practicing MI with those who are mandated to services.

Episode 13: An MI Consistent Approach vs. MI Practice

In episode 13, Amy and Paul discuss the difference between an MI consistent approach and MI practice.

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