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SUD Keys to Education is a product for educators and clinical supervisors developed in 2022 by the Mountain Plains and Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (MPATTC and PSATTC).

The main developers of the SUD Keys are:

  • MPATTC, HHS Region 8: Cindy Juntenen, PhD, LP, Nancy Roget, MS, Trisha Dudkowski, BA, Kenneth Flanagan, PhD, Terra Hamblin, MA, Shannon McCarty, BS, Kim Miller, MS, Abby Roach-Moore, MSW, and Maridee Shogren, DNP
  • PSATTC, HHS Region 9: Thomas E. Freese, PhD, and Beth Rutkowski, MPH.

This product was developed to help community college/university faculty, as well as clinical supervisors and recovery support staff to have access to brief, science-based content with the goal of providing materials that can be easily infused into existing substance use disorder and related courses (e.g., social work, nursing, criminal justice, foundation of addiction courses, ethics, counseling courses, etc.) and for clinical and recovery staff use in in-service meetings. Individuals can select the specific content to infuse into existing curricula/materials depending on specific needs of their learners. Each slide in the slide decks contain notes to provide guidance on the topics along with references and handouts where appropriate.

Table of Contents

General Content Reference List

General Content Activity #1: Stigma Class Activity

General Content Activity #2: Stigmatizing Language in the Workplace

General Content Mini-Deck #2: Harm Reduction

General Content Mini-Deck #3: Recovery

General Content Mini-Deck #4: Attributes of Recovery

General Content Mini-Deck #5: Hope and Recovery

General Content Mini-Deck #6: Recovery Support Services

General Content Sample Quiz/Test Question Bank with Answer Key

SUD Keys to Education

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